The songs are listed alphabetically by original title. Songs with German, French or Russian lyrics have an English translation in italics.
Singable translations have an asterisk*.

Original version English Listen Summer & Fall Leiter
Balalaika, balalaika Balalaika, Balalaika Sample
Ballade vom Winterland Ballad of Winter's Land Sample
Boten der Nacht Heralds of Night Sample
Choices Sample
Crossroads Sample
Diarmuid Dubh and Fionan Leigh Sample
Flame Sample
Follow My Love Sample
Geist & Papier Paper & Mind*
Keeper Sample
Klippen der Zeit Cliffs of Time Sample
Der Mann in der Tiefe (Die Frage) The Man in the Depths (The Question)
March of Cambreadth
Matter of Delaying Sample
Paper Boats Sample
Partings Sample
Pays des dragons Land of Dragons Sample
Die Puppen The Dolls* Sample
Реквием - Алыссандре Requiem for Alyssandra Sample
Sadko im Märchen Sadko. A Fairy-Tale Sample
Scars Sample
September Island Sample
Siren Song Sample
Sommer im Herzen Summer in our hearts Sample
Song of Summer's End Sample
Sparta Sample
Spectre d'une rose Specter of a Rose Sample
Sterne im Wasserglas Stars in a Waterglass Sample
Stimmen im Wind Voices on the Wind* Sample
Weg nach Avalon Way to Avalon Sample
Wind über den Landen Wind Over the Lands Sample