Picture of Summer & Fall

Afterwards you always wonder why you didn't think of it earlier. Although we had known one another for three years and enjoyed each other's music, it was only in the fall of 2001 that the idea of singing together arose. The collaboration worked out rather nicely: Our styles are similar enough to harmonize and yet different enough to expand our mutual horizons. A little competition fires the ambition, and Summer's care and perseverance join with Fall's inspiraton and vigour. Two voices, one delicate, one rough, complementing each other to the pleasure of both.

So what comes of this? Music that mingles elements of Folk, Ballad, Pop and Art Song; lyrics in German, English, sometimes even French or Russian; songs that are dreamy, melancholy, mysterious or simply a bit strange, that are not for everyone, but a lot to some, and that are often, but not always, Filk. But, honestly, what's the difference anyway?

So here we are, Summer & Fall. We sing because we love to feel the harmony of our voices and instruments and want to explore our possibilities, whether or not anybody is listening. But if you should happen to like the results, we surely won't mind....



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