Please let me take you in my arms,

it's time we said good-night,

I'll leave you by these crossroads now

to join the waning light.

For many days I've been your friend

and though at last I leave

more days and friends lie still ahead

so don't look back in grief.

Don't think of all the might-have-beens,

don't weep - there is no cause,

do not repent the life we led

I loved it for its flaws.

Just bear in mind the time we had,

how I came and how I went,

I don't regret a single day

and won't regret this end.

Remember that I was alive

and lived with all my heart.

Remember all we shared, but at

these crossroads let us part.

I know it is more hurtful for

the ones who have to stay -

Just don't forget, do not regret

and you'll be healed some day.

Eva, 21st of September 1999

For my family

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