Land of Dragons

A memory of Haute-Provence

This is the point where the last bend

is leading into the clouds

at the end of the world, at the end of time.

Let us realize

that we have exceeded the last frontier.

Kingdom of chimaerae,

you are waiting for us ...

And here the voice of the wind is singing a song

which is lost behind the horizon –

in the land of dragons.

This is the region reigned only

by the memory of ages past,

and the past, gone long ago,

that has left the surrounding world,

has amassed here and is silently waiting

until the night, the sister of abandonment

will conquer the canyons.

This is the place where my soul

disperses between the spiky edges.

I let go of my troubles and endow myself

of all the false hopes of my life:

may the night release me

from all I have lost

and betrayed ...

This is the point allowing the passage

beyond the clouds,

to the end of all, the end of nothing –

but I return:

I will never cross the extremes.

Phantom of myself,

I remember –

that it is you, the voice of the wind: dance back there,

disappear beyond the horizon,

in the land of dragons.

Crystal 2001

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