Balalaika, balalaika

Alyra's song for Alūne

Morning has come. I behold you

Who are still sleeping among thousands of flowers.

All's well that ends well.

We are together

In the very moment of my greatest happiness.

All around the forest is singing

It's song of serenity.

I step silently aside

So as not to awaken you yet.

Balalaika balalaika balalaika,

let me hold fast to this blessed moment.

Balalaika balalaika balalaika,

it is law that everything begins and everything ends.

You will rise, you will smile,

In your eyes the infinity of heaven...

Let nothing seperate us, nothing destroy

This beauty of the preliminary of the eternal.

And we have to be on our way,

While I ceaselessly hear

The lucid melody of supreme spring,

And I love you -

yes, I love you, whatever the price.

Balalaika balalaika balalaika,

a certain sadness will never leave me,

Balalaika balalaika balalaika,

let me enjoy thoroughly every moment that has to end someday.

Crystal 2000

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