Summer in our hearts

We have travelled into the evening
along a dreamlit night,
we have sung songs from afar
and laughed gently in the darkness.
And when dusk enveloped us
and we were shrouded in the silence of the woods
we sensed how the forest awoke
and shared our path for a little while.
Words were spoken and understood,
an age-old longing was stirred
and, safe within the magic of time
we felt the summer in our hearts.

On the line between moonshine and shadow
drunk with speechless bliss
almost asleep, we have
listened to the voice of darkness -
back into the warmth of the woods
and beyond into starlit spaces
feeling serene and light
as if we ourselves were but a dream.
Smiling, we bathed in the quiet,
touching the hands of our friends
and, under the cover of this night,
we felt the summer in our hearts.

Let your dreams blow away with the autumn winds,
wherever our path will lead us tomorrow -
we drank our fill of life
and felt the summer in our hearts.

Eva, Juli 1st, 2001
For Rafael as promised

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