Cliffs of Time

Drifting in currents of thought

dancing in the winds of time

released from the body's boundaries,

freed from emotion's rule.

The songs, the laments fade

in the continual breath of silence,

leaving only the wandering will

sailing away over dreams.

Blowing over ancient days

until from afar I spot the cliffs

then my body pulls me back

away from their alluring nearness.

Ah, over the cliffs of time

that watch over every farewell!

Falling through dying laughter,

through sorrow, forgotten at last.

Plummeting into dawning quietude,

tumbling into the end of light,

Sinking into the rush of oblivion,

dissolving into the vortex of nothingness.

For now, the world still holds me

although I draw ever nearer;

the images melt with the day

and I cannot reach the cliffs.

The mute depths keep calling

and when the right name comes

the soul slips from being

into the void whence we came.

Willing, at last, to leave,

content an serene, the will

dances to the heartbeat fo silence

over the cliffs of time.

Eva, Summer 1999

For Birgit

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