Dance With Me (Until The Morning)

Gliding and floating, embracing while circling,
you and I, when twilight falls,
live this dance, for the day is fading,
don't let go, for we two are the world.

Dance with me, spin around, night cloaks us
like a garment, and morning is not in sight,
the darkness is mild, come and let it in,
and be now, for there is no 'Soon'.

The world is spinning around us in swirling brilliance,
the moment is cradling us protectively,
and life is inebriation, a beguiling dance
without a morning.

With swanning steps into the night -
trust me, the abyss is far away,
every heartbeat in the Now brims with smouldering might
the future is but a paling star.

Dance, lose yourself, and don't turn around,
don't listen we are not in danger,
hold me, beloved, and don't ask why,
be assured: Only the two of us are real.

Forget what we had, forget what we are,
forget those shadows and what is beginning there,
forget what we know, the evening is serene,
the bond is broken, we are free we are blind - - -

So dance, my beauty, and love our lie,
laugh briskly in its pallid face,
live and let it betray all liars
when the present splinters like glass.

Dance with me, spin around, and let them say
that tonight the end is in sight -
the ground is near, child, the ice will bear us,
believe everything you are promised!

The world is spinning around us in swirling brilliance,
hidden in the twitching shadows
madness is swaying along in a glittering dance
until the morning.

Eva, February 1st, 2003
Translation note: The German word 'Morgen' can mean both 'morning' and 'tomorrow'.

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