Talea (You are the moment)

Feelings, transient, aimless

are fumbling over your face,

like little feathery clouds at play,

a storm of leaves in the light.

Who knows which wonders your heart

will pensively catch and hold today -

a smile glides skywards

and silently, the world begins to glow.

You are the moment

a castle of white sand

Your gaze holds nothing back,

marveling at the strange land

in your hand

You are the moment

a fleck of light in the forest

you make an always of today

suffusing me bit by bit -

an armful of bliss.

In front of you: a bright, vast room.

Barely touched by life

you drift in weightless dreams

through shivers never felt before.

One teardrop, a mild shimmer,

all the sorrows of our age,

pure joy, no limits

tiny shards of eternity.

Even in the star gleam, your face

is lit by placid pictures,

little dreams, many-colored waves,

a light is shining in the depth.

You are the moment

the foot in the warm sea

night turns soft and heavy,

the voices like music

from afar.

You are the moment

carefully, I close the door

Your smile glistens in me

and for one moment

I am truly here.

...in that one moment

truly here at last.

(15. 04. 2009 – For my daughter, aged 3 months)

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