She is cold as blue ice with a face blank and tight,

she will never give up or give in,

She won't laugh, she won't cry, she will keep you outside,

she's alone with the woman within.

She is fighting with life though she won't let you know

that she's walking a tightrope so thin.

She is silent and supple and free as a cat

and she's hiding her secret within.

She loves dangers and risks and the shadows of night

though deep down she's not playing to win.

To lose would mean peace and oblivion at last

and release from the terror within.

And those voices she loved call her back through the flames

and their faces and hers are akin.

They are calling until through her hatred and fear

she's consumed by the fire within.

22. Oktober 1998

For Paul, Thomas und Rafael – from TalisCat

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