Lucky Those

Jander's Song

Lucky those who still can laugh and cry,

lucky the living who yet have to die.

May they fear it while they still draw breath,

but there's no greater gift than any peaceful death.

Lucky those whose eyes still see the day,

whom the Gods hear when they laugh or pray.

Lucky those whose hearts feel joy and pain

and who can sleep ’till dawn calls them again.

I'm the one whom sleeping is denied!

Mine is darkness, death, is all the night:

a strange realm where you can't penetrate,

another world, a cruel and ghastly fate.

It's your blood from which I draw my life;

I'm not harmed by neither sword nor knife.

Silent feet that pass without a trace,

am I the master of all who meet my gaze.

So fear me, people! the rover while you sleep,

who lurks in shadows sinister and deep.

A lonesome lover with hunger in his eyes -

and eager kisses from lips that feel like ice.

And yet, will ever someone become aware

of my envy of what I cannot share?

What I remember in ev'ry moment's pain:

the other world I'm longing for in vain.

Oh! never will I see again the sun,

imprisoned in a state you fear and shun:

a life of Death, eternally to live

in greed and hunger for what no one can give:

Your world of light, of life, of love and fun

that I once shared, that I was part of once!

Today my lonely path leads straight ahead

in dark and gloom, without a restful bed.

Crystal 1994

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