Love Song of a Hero

Show me the moon in the sky,
show me the calm and serene face of the lake below,
and once again I will try
to overcome my fears and to go where we have to go.

Yours is the love and the light,
yours is the fire I am needing to warm me so desperately.
Mine is to face and to fight
all those shadows obscuring a path I can barely see.

No calmness will brighten my heart
as long as I know there’s still someone feeling lost and alone.
Maybe this makes me a hero –
or just a young boy craving for friends and a home.

I wish I could drown in your soul
by a time everyone that I love and I care for is safe and sound,
close my eyes and forget all these sorrows
that haunt us, increase and prevail and abound...

No force from wherever will clear off the shadows,
no compassionate power will bend and give us some final reward.
There’s only the lake, and the moon – scattered shards of light
that we must catch and preserve, so I’m trying hard.

Maybe they think me a hero,
maybe for them I am shining like some guiding star.
You know the light springs between us,
ever renewed on the fact that I am and you are.

Maybe some day we will break through the shadows,
and maybe kindness will reach even those who deny.
Somehow I feel: then the darkness will leave me,
and in the end, I am sure, it is I
who will show you the sky.

Crystal 21/12/04

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