Love Song in four-four time, C major, Andante

When two meet to the sound of music,
two who have a song to share,
you can hear their tunes entwining,
every step is like dancing on air,
when two souls become a duo,
when two hearts beat unisono
(in stereo, not mono)
love may catch them unaware.

As the chosen match of music
live from now in song and verse,
speak in arias or ditties -
don’t despair, you have years to rehearse.
Make each compliment a sonnet
or a haiku, if you can,
love in rondels, odes or couplets
even if the words don’t quite scan.

Live your lives ad lib and forte,
let your chorus be champagne,
and when you feel feroce
quarrel mezza voce,
ritardando at times to stay sane.
your hours be ben marcato,
your nights accompagnato,
your tempers moderato,
good luck your ostinato
if you cannot convince - entertain!

May your days start quite vivace,
assai brioso right away,
may each evening be focoso (ma non troppo!) -
then sleep tight and da capo next day.
May each smile be passionata,
conversations animata
and each kiss a long fermaaaata,
may your pitch never quiver or sway.

You have met to the sound of music,
there’s a life of songs to share,
there’ll come times of grief or trouble,
but music will always be there.
Now your hearts beat unisono
- be it stereo or mono -
so, fall in step, nice and comodo,
walk side by side
as if you dance
on air.

Eva, Fall 2007
Wedding Song for Steve MacDonald and Katy Dröge-MacDonald

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