Look At Me

Snape's Song

Look at me, now that the dark is draining the shadows from my eyes.
Finally your gaze shall pierce the layers of hatred and pain.
Iím lying before you, weak and defeated at last,
as youíve dreamt of so long, I know,
but all that Iíve done, my son,
Iíd do it again.


You are chosen to die, but see,
death is just, first it comes for me.
Itís been patient so long, once more it will take what is due,
as itís taken my love, and your dreams, and now
it will take me and you.

I remember your flying, a flash of boldness and grace,
the seed of lions and flowers, back from being adrift
in unpleasant climes; striking root for a seven-years chase
while learning to shine and to bite, for both is your gift.

It was your part to grow on the soil of old scars,
to force them open and soak up their power,
a young weed, invincible, mirror of stars,
soaring upwards to meet them, you golden teeth-baring seed
of a lion and a flower.

It was my part to prune you and sharpen your teeth.
WeĎve hated each other, a hatred that polished your sheen,
Iíve been your teacher in quite a few subjects, you see,
I think Iíve done well, Iím sure now you know what I mean.


Look at me one last time, cut through the haze
of these black eyes that have never reflected your spark,
so once more I may meet this warm and remorseful green gaze,
a ghost from many years past...
Now, my boy, fly away one last time
and fade into dark.

Crystal 12/09/07

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