Song of the Sea

Do you know whither our dreams are blown
when twilight touches the sky?
They turn into waves in the sway of the sea
where no one's sleep can reach them.

Do you know whither our memories fly
when we are seized by the moment?
They shimmer like light on the eternal sea
until even the day forgets them.

Do you know whither our stories fade
when the fire dies in the evening?
They drift as foam on the mirroring sea
and the fable dissolves into the spray.

Do you know whither our songs are lost
when slumber shrouds the bards?
They circle as birds high above the sea
where only the wind remembers them.

Thus you know the ways of songs and dreams,
so do not weep when I leave now,
and when you hear the surf, grow quiet and forget,
I sleep at the bottom of the sea.

Eva, February 15th, 2001
For Jonas

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