St. John's Eve

St. John's Eve 1407 in Luettich Country...

(Esclarmonde:) I wish youíd yield to me tonight.

The fire is blazing, the wild beat of the dance is hammering into the night.

Dance Ė be close to me,

lead me to somewhere Iíve never been before

tonight, completely.

I wish something would remain of tonight,

carve itself into our hearts.

Dance Ė to any place

where I can be with you

tonight, deep inside ourselves.

(Mathis:) Who cares where we came from and where we go?

I have no home and no name.

I give no promises or consolations.

Fortuna has destined me to be in Satanís company.

(Esclarmonde:) Oh, if you would live, if you would love me tonight!

If I could share my warmth with you!

But the life still glowing inside you

is icy cold from bitter hate and woe.

(Mathis:) All my roads I walk alone

in circles around this place of final pain.

May there be a word bearing a rescue:

for me there is no psalm or prayer.

(Esclarmonde:) I donít speak aloud my wishes.

For outspoken wishes soon wither away.

I am dancing, you are dancing, this night is holding us fast.

Beyond the bonfire, the darkness is blind.

The spirit I, which evermore denies.

Donít think I didnít answer your wish.

Wishes are something you weep for.

Tonight you have touched my realm.

Mine is life fighting for life.

Mine is faith breaking too soon.

Mine is bliss paid for.

Mine are regret and renunciation.

Receive by me what you desire tonight.

But mind: what you take for your own, is my doing.

Be ready Ė pay the price of blessedness

for this night full of fervor and pain.

The flames are blazing brightly Ė oh, who believes in eternity

in this night beyond time?

Crystal 27/12/2004

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