Winter's Son

For Kenzo

I have been listening to snow falling
and how the wind falls asleep for the months of frost
and to the sighs of the oaks yielding
to the weight of their adornment of icicles.

I have shivered under the condensing shadows
when every voice suffocates and freezes
but I know quite well the vaste
space of the relentless night.

I have crossed the insurmountable chasms
from the shadows to the first light of dawn -
impassible soul, seemingly invulnerable
to the assaults of sadness or love.

Don't try to destroy the fences
to see if there's a hidden warmth behind -
those who wander on dark paths
can't defend themselves but by masking their hearts.

Shrouded in grey ice and white snow -
close your eyes and you'll see my eternal grave.
Enclosed in ice, every hour I'm drawing closer
to the water divide.

Crystal 17.02.2005

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