1.) Once days were long and nights were cool and clear.

Once the fields were ripe and wind was in my hair.

Once I watched birds in flight and the summer sun

blazed on my face but didn't burn it.

You were too small. The Outside doesn't beckon.

Little girl, how could you know?

Those who are born in the dark call it 'home'

and will never miss the sun.

2.) Once we were children. Once snow fell in winter.

Once ducks swam amidst the lilies on the pond,

and we played there once with Till and his dog,

dove to the bottom through sweet, bright waters.

Your father and I climbed down early;

shortly after, the storm began to rage,

it was only later that we counted, and as it happens -

Till and his dog had stayed above.

3.) Once the fog rose, once I gorged on windfall fruit.

Once, in the evening, lights shone in the windows of our town.

Once the night was filled with life, with insects at play,

glances, rustles, owl-calls, before the silence fell.

You are asleep, guarded by the emptiness outside,

with the other daughters and sons,

but we old ones sing deep into the night

to drown out the stillness.

4.) Once again there'll be spring forests, bird songs,

we'll step outside, without the masks, breathe freely,

far from the caves, we'll once more start anew,

and everything will be as it was - - - some day we will believe it..

You're left with the Future whatever that may be.

Let us dwell in memories,

call it denial, dead dreams, deceit no matter,

once there will be no more Yesterday.

(Denmark, June 6th 2003 for all those who where there)

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