Abandoned Cathedral

Schiffenberg Abbey, Giessen

To greet you one last time,

I offer you here my paltry song.

Bosom without blood and soul,

be filled with my voice.

Maybe no one regrets

or no one remembers

the prayers, the thousand motets

which used to resound in your womb.

Space filled with nothingness,

trembling, nude skeleton

occupied by swallows, tiny ghosts

hunting for lost Good Fridays

and Christmases...

But still the scent of incense

and the pale light of candles

surrounds you, who are confident and virginal,

like an intense dream.

It is no good telling you

the words you will not heed,

that everything's destiny is to perish

and nothing will be excluded

from being changed.

For the last time, to the extreme,

I raise my voice full of love

to sing our requiem,

and then I'll leave you


Crystal 03/2002

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