For the Moon's Shining

Eleftheria's Song

Yours is all the time and a long long road ahead.

I have within me just one dark and lonely hour.

And what calls you softly and caressingly –

it strikes me with its undiminished power.

If you wish for spring, spring will shine for you,

and your flaming hopes illuminate tomorrow.

And you shatter every chain that’s tryin‘ to keep you down –

my prison is

anguish and sorrow.

Let me go, for the moon‘s shining,

for the first time and the last time let it shine for me,

And I’ll walk into the moonlight

full of confidence, immeasurably free.

I maybe had a name, maybe a destiny,

those things are lost now like the fantasies of dreaming.

I maybe once knew faith, or even love maybe,

today I barely can recall their meaning.

My world’s reduced to just one place and it‘s called loneliness.

I’ll sever any bond of trust and care you’re tying.

Oh, how easily you see it's done by me,

maybe this way

you’ll stop trying.

And don’t say that you miss me,

for what have I ever done you would call just and right?

Let me go and dismiss me,

the one who came from and goes back into the night.

Did you know how intensely I

felt your shield of dreams that should protect me from the

worst, and how hard it was

to destroy it without pity and remorse?

Let me go, for the moon‘s shining,

where impenetrable shadows held my soul in thrall.

Now I see my reflection

in the waters that will catch my endless fall.

Let me go and forget me,

for who have I been that you would find no substitute?

Just a flower by the roadside,

with withered leaves, and never bearing any fruit.

Let me go into the moonshine

To the island where the darkness has no claim on me.

Let me be just a moonbeam,

just a simple and unfinished melody.

Crystal 09/03/04

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