Walls of Glass

His essence and being and fate
are beyond human measure.
He was born in the morning
and lives behind walls of glass.

People are fleeting pictures
in silence and chillness and light.
they see him as if from afar,
and do not hear when he speaks.

He watches them quarrel and laugh,
touching one another,
and waits amid the masks
to grasp humanity.

Their shimmering, silent nearness
stifles the cathartic scream.
They sense an unsettling strangeness
and smile and walk by.

* * *

He tried to deny his nature
to be one of them.
Only in the end did he understand
and stayed alone with himself.

Waited long and patiently
until life forgot him.
Quietly left in the evening.
He died behind walls of glass.

Eva, 24th of January 2000
For Joris - thanks for the recording

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