GaFilk, Atlanta, January 2007 (+ Rafael "Winter")
(Photography: Dave Weingart)

With UT SF performing SF looking up

Link to our own GaFilk photos

Medieval Birthday, April 2007 (+ Rafael "Winter")
(Photography: ?)

Medieval Courtyard Medieval Concert Torchlight Evening of Fire & Song Evening of Fire & Song Evening of Fire & Song

Rehearsals in Offenburg and Mannheim, 2007
(Photography: Eva Van Daele-Hunt, Christine Blum)

Guitars Glockenspiel OG Sheet and Cake Tablet Glockenspiel MA

FilkContinental, October 2007
(Photography: 1 - Kirstin Tanger; alle anderen - Wolfgang Weisselberg)

In White Summer flute Summer face Fall face Summer guitar Fall flute Both listening