Abend auf der Reise

To Roland, Simone, Samuel, Stefan and Fabian - In memory of our hiking tours

The campfire has burned out.
We sang, we laughed
cried - maybe -
and listened to the soft song of the cicadas
and silent and unnoticed
the night came.

The grass smells sweet and tangy,
much stronger than by day when we are traveling.
Another night -
forgotten where we rested the night before,
we're staying here at this place
like at any other.

Still the song is resounding softly
and intimately the sounds of the sleepers
in the starlight.
So we will rest
securely, until the blooming of the next dawn,
then we will depart again,
on and on,
where to?
- who knows -
into the distance.

Crystal 1993

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