World of Names

Do you know the boundless moment just before you fall asleep?

Where thought is stilled, where passion dwells and night runs strong and deep?

The lands I wandered whisper through your solitary keep

Here I whirled through breathless wonders that no tongue will ever tell

For the world as I conceived it was a world of light and smell

Now it rests in tombs of memory, for you have taught me well

Aaa-uuuh! Aaa-uuuh! Aaa-uuuh!

I have learned your rules and riddles in the twilight of your lairs,

Learned the learning, lore and language as I’ve learned to sit on chairs,

And I’ve measured dark and distance by the flicker in your glares

I have slipped into a foretime, never now but ever near,

While the notion of a future makes me plot and fret and fear,

Strange, small syllables allotting small emotions, sharp and clear

In your World of Names – on your paths of thought that stretch and wind

Your World of Names – full of restless words in crowded minds

For speech’s a gift that gently binds and tames

It's a World of Names – gone the innocence of rush and chase

A World of Names – now my home’s a dry and dreamless place

Of noise and dust and walls and guileful games

In this crystal realm of reason feral fires used to burn

But I’ve travelled far enough to know I never will return

For I’m trapped within a web of meaning that I can’t unlearn

In this World of Names – where you rule by will and own by word

my World of Names - where no-one thinks what no-one’s heard

A world of spoken boxes, bars and frames

Just a World of Names – where’s the thunder pulsing through my veins?

A World of Names – of a hundred petty truths and pains

And in that blissful moment ere I fall asleep I weep

Aaa-uuuh! Aaa-uuuh! Aaa-uuuh!

(Spring 2011 - Song of a wolf child)